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Joker Poker – Gottlieb 1978

Mike Remembers: I was 12 years old when this game was new, and while I have vague memories of it, I can’t put my finger on a local Ottawa location with this Pinball Machine in it.

It an amazing game, littered with drop target banks! A single drop target, a 2 bank, 3 bank, and 4 bank of drops on the lower playfield, and a 5 bank up top shootable with the mini-flipper!

With 15 drop targets, this game is a beast, and completing the cards associated with each bank of targets makes up the hands that score your bonus.

Featuring a full LED conversion with colour matched inserts, all new drop targets, completely rebuilt pop bumpers with all new parts, all three flippers converted to the modern Bally/Williams Fliptronics systems, and a Pascal All-in-one CPU/Driver board/Power supply allowing for many new gameplay features never available with original equipment.

This game was also produced in an electro-mechanical iteration, and while this game is the solid state version, it retains the original “Chime” Unit for sound, adding an old-school charm to this amazing souped up old game!

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