Eight Ball – Bally 1977

Thanks to quality work courtesy of the Pinball Medics, Eight Balls spinner is JUICED! Light the spinner for 1000 points per spin by shooting the 8 Ball target (top right). Then shoot for the spinner for big points. Hint: With practice, you can shoot the spinner from either flipper.

Mike Remembers: Eight Ball was the first solid state pinball I ever saw. I still remember bicycling to Britannia Road to the pizza shop kitty cornered with Smiley’s confectionary to play Royal Flush with my friend. Imagine my surprise to see Royal Flush pushed to the back of the seating area and a brand new Eight Ball in the front window with bright orange electronic score displays. The fact that the game remembered the balls you had achieved by hitting the corresponding targets from player to player and from ball to ball was nothing short of amazing. From the first game, I knew pinball would never be the same.

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