KISS – 1979 Bally

The goal of this game is to spell K-I-S-S as many times as possible. The drop target row to the left of the playfield will ALWAYS complete K-I-S-S, so use it strategically! If you only have one letter to go to complete K-I-S-S, it may be a better idea to shoot that letter’s target directly. …

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RUSH Premium – Stern 2022

Playing a multiball and want an extra safety net? If the Mystery Award question marks in front of the scoop are lit, shoot for it. During your first multiball, the Mystery Award will always add another ball to the playfield, converting a 2-ball brawl into a 3-ball frenzy.

Demolition Man – 1994 Williams

When shooting for the Cryo-Claw (right ramp), dropping the ball into the “Lock Freeze” option will award you all the locks required for the next multiball. If your locks are already earned, this option will immediately start multiball, and is arguably an easier shot than the more obvious Start Multiball shot through the left orbit.

Black Knight 2000 – 1989 Williams

Completing all the letters in W-A-R begins a hurry-up score at the left ramp for big points. A skilled player can learn to impulsively shoot the ramp with a single flip to collect the maximum hurry-up value before it counts down!

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