Black Hole – Gottlieb 1981

Frustrated after losing your ball prematurely in the lower level? Knock down one bank of drop targets on the lower playfield to open the gate and earn a successful Re-Entry.

Mike Remembers: This is one of my all time favourite games, and was at Hampton Park Bowling Alley when it was new. It was right beside Haunted House, which was of course also a serious classic.

A difficult game for sure, with a lower playfield, visible through the plexiglass section of the main playfield, and slanted towards the back. You must complete a row of drop targets while you’re down there, compensating for the Pinball equivalent of reverse gravity, or it’s right out the gutter when the ball comes back up after you lose it downstairs!

The multi-ball, while difficult to achieve, is incredible, with three balls over two playfields at once!

This Black Hole has been through the Pinball Medics Custom Shop, and features many incredible modifications, which include;

A full LED conversion with colour matched inserts and psychedelic Black Light style Comet Purple Passion’s in the head, mated with Comet 1 SMD colour changers behind the rotating disc.

The lower playfield illumination has been converted from 24v to 6v, allowing for Comet Twin 2835 SMD Ice Blue illumination from above, combined with a blue Comet Matrix strip on the re-entry tube. The Purple theme is reflected again in the Purple Superband flipper and mini-post rubbers, with black rubbers including post caps rounding out the machine.

Beyond the flashback inducing cosmetic illumination mods, ground mods and pop bumper board mods, of course it features the upgrade of all Six flippers to modern fliptronics style units, proving once again that more cowbell and amps that go to 11 are never a bad thing, regardless of Time Space, and a distinct advantage when it comes to Gravity Wells, and this flipper mod is actually powerful enough to escape the event horizon of the Black Hole at the center of the Ottawa Pinball Arcade Universe.

The existing original working boards will be used for the first couple of weeks at the Arcade to ensure their reliability before being sold as certified working 100% for 14 hours a day every day, to make room for the patiently waiting Pascal all in one boardset which will add many custom features to the gameplay not available with the original equipment. We will update this post once it is installed. Contact us if you need any boards from this game other than the sound board, as it is still required at this time even with the FLIPPP system we will be installing.

Come experience the only Black Label Black Light Black Hole in the known Universes for yourself.

It’s a trip!

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