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Star Trek – Data East 1991

Mike Remembers: Star Trek was the only Pinball Machine I can remember from the Fire Button Arcade at the corner of Richmond and Woodroffe from the early 1980’s. It was one of the first Dot Matrix Animation games I can remember, and with the awesome theme featuring call-outs from the actual actors from the original TV series, and the very cool transporter effect, this game did stand out at the time.

This Star Trek was brought back from beyond the grave, stored in a non climate controlled environment for decades, every single board severely damaged or missing, and it’s innards picked through for parts to go with other games.

Now fully refurbished, updated, and bullet proofed, featuring LED displays, all illumination converted to LED with colour matched inserts and flashers, Superband rubbers, fully rebuilt pop bumpers, and much more.

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