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Space Invaders – 1980 Bally

Mike Remembers:

I first remember this from the arcade, I forget which name it was under at that time, at Carling and Broadview. It stood out from any other game at the time (and it still does), and you couldn’t help but be blown away by the double mirror and chasing lights. I walked up to it, dropped a quarter, and rolled the game on my first ball, and played it for the next hour or so. I would also play it at the Mr. Arcade on Alta Vista at Bank, and various other arcades in Ottawa and well beyond.

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One Response to : Space Invaders – 1980 Bally

  1. JOHN LUCKETT said:
    i USED TO BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THIS GAME FOR SEVERAL HOURS @ JERRYCOY'S ANDY'S ISLE OF FUN IN GRAND ISLAND,NE 68801 (302) 382-8335. They kept trying to fix the game by putting large barriers around the circular tunnel,but I would aim my shots and keep wrapping it around there a million times for replays.then they changed it to an extra ball instead of a replay,and i still kept winning.i would rack the game up to a MAX. 40 credits,and shoot the ball in the side for 495,000 MAX. points on the board.I think my highest score was something like about 13 MILLION POINTS.I let all the kids play for free.The owner STEVE & JERRY ANDERSON would complain about how i would run up their electricity bill.I did this when I was just 13 yrs old back in 1980.I greatly miss the machine living in ANAHEIM,CA,and wish there were someplace I could go play it again.

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