Royal Flush – 1976 Gottlieb

Don’t plunge too hard! You’ll want the ball to fall through one of the Joker lanes at the top of the playfield. These lanes will spot valuable scoring opportunities elsewhere on the playfield, which can be earned repeatedly on that ball each time the ball crosses the corresponding switch.

Mike Remembers: This game was a fixture at the Britannia Pizzeria at the bottom of Britannia Road when I was about 10 years old. We would bike down the hill to Smiley’s Confectionary which was located cross corner from the Pizzeria to stock up on candy and head over to spend the rest of our money knocking down the massive row of drop targets that almost covered the entire width of the centre playfield. As a fan of drop targets, this was one of those amazing old Gottlieb’s that was missing nothing in this area.

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