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Power Play – Bally 1977


Mike Remembers: My best memory of Power Play was at a little diner in the small town of Waterloo in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. I would visit my grandparents and this was the only pinball machine in the town. My grandmother would reluctantly give me quarters to bike down the hill every morning to play that infernal “slot machine”. I would do my best to achieve as many specials and free games as possible to stretch out my only pinball fix while away from my regular supply of pinball arcades and locations in Ottawa.

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2 Responses to : Power Play – Bally 1977

  1. Joe said:
    Another AMAZING game! So happy you brought this to us here in O TOWN!!
  2. Rick Taggart said:
    Super fun game and Bobby Orr as a Black Hawk makes the art work even more spectacular

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