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Pioneer – Gottlieb 1976


Mike Remembers: I can remember seeing this game around back in the late 70’s, but have more vivid memories of the four player version of the same game, Spirit of ’76:


This machine was a fixture at the Wizard on Carling across from the Brittania Drive-In. Lots of drop targets, and an almost Bally like symmetrical playfield, which was uncommon on the Gottliebs. I would mistaken it for the similarly themed Bally Freedom, and always be pleasantly reminded of how awesome the old Gottliebs could be.

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One Response to : Pioneer – Gottlieb 1976

  1. masodo said:
    This is my all-time favorite pinball machine. It was supplied in the common area in my college dorm my freshman year at IU. Somebody discovered that if you would pull the machine 3 or 4 inches from the wall and slam it back sharply into the wall it would rack-up credits for free games. I am quite sure this did not generate enough income in quarters to pay to repair the wall damage but it kept many of my fellow dorm rats off the streets many a night ;) I am just getting the idea that I want to acquire this game for the man-cave.

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