Party Animal – Bally 1987

Mike Remembers: This game was at the Arcade beside the Dairy Queen on Walkley just East of Bank Street when it was new. I recall the music and sounds were very advanced at the time, and with three ramps, 3 ball multiball, inline drop targets and 3 flippers, and lots of speech, this was a flashy game. And of course Pinball Medics has upgraded all the flippers to the new Williams system they put on all their old Ballys, rebuilt the custom blue pop  bumpers, and performed a full LED conversion with color matched inserts, so like all our games here, plays better and faster than new. It is here at the Arcade for a limited time, and will ultimately be sold or returned to the Pinball Medics showroom once it has passed the Ottawa Pinball Arcade stress test, but in the meantime, come enjoy this great game this summer while it is in residency!

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