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Ottawa Wizard Arcade Chain – Historical Photo Series

The Ottawa Pinball Arcade is working tirelessly to find artifacts, documentation, and photographic evidence of the Arcade scene that flourished in Ottawa during the Golden Era of the Arcade from the mid seventies to the early eighties.

No one was bigger than Regent Vending, who operated the largest chain of Arcades in the City, the Wizard. We have unearthed a volume of material that we will be showcasing here on our website, and at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade itself!

This is just the first glimpse at some of the treasures we have in store. There will be high resolution images, stories too numerous to ever get old, and original artifacts from Ottawa’s illustrious Golden Era Arcade History.

Feel free to share your memories here, and any Ottawa area Pinball related pictures of this time are hugely appreciated if anyone has old photos.

Stay tuned to this site for all the newest updates to this exciting series which will unfold over the following months and years.

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5 Responses to : Ottawa Wizard Arcade Chain – Historical Photo Series

  1. Warren McGover said:
    Its a bit surreal to see that photo of The Wizard on Carling Avenue. I can recall spending entire weekends in there and still consider that time as unwasted! I likely spent hundreds over the years I went there with friends. Hopefully soon i can relive that feeling thats long overdue.
    • Mike Loftus said:
      I couldn't agree more Warren, I spent a _lot_ of unwasted hours in there myself. We should start opening in early August, hope to see you then!
  2. Some Random Guy said:
    Picture #3 looks a lot like The Wizard on Ogilvie Road near Gloucester High School. I might be wrong though.
  3. Dennis said:
    I worked there in the late 70's as well as Merivale (Darly Plaza), Shoppers City East and West. There was an electronic Bally Game that was my fave and I can't remember the name. The scoreboard panel had orange and yellow in it.
  4. Steve said:
    Nice to see a pic of The Wizard on Ogilvie ROad in SHopper City East, spent many days there with buddies.........good times, great memories :)

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