The Ottawa Pinball Arcade
Canada's Largest Classic Pinball Arcade
— 2559 Baseline Road, Ottawa —
The Ottawa Pinball Arcade is now open
Proof of vacination and mask required
Please follow social distancing guidelines

Ottawa Pinball ARCADE Re-Opening Video Teaser

The Ottawa Pinball Arcade will be Opening October 1st 2021.

After being closed for over 1 1/2 years, it is with great pleasure that we can now begin welcoming Pinball Fans once again to Canada’s largest Pinball Arcade, now expanded and housing 34 Pinball Machines, and a great selection of the best Classic Video games from the Golden Era of the Arcade.

While we have been closed, we have not been resting. We have improved our recipe and restored and bullet proofed our games to an even higher standard than before, including the machines that were here already, some that have returned, and many new additions featuring games that have not been available to play in Public anywhere in Ottawa, or Canada for that matter, since the early 80’s.

Many of the new machines have been on Mike’s must have list for many years, including an Atari Superman, a beautiful example of the original Bally Rolling Stones, a rare, challenging, and very fun to play Bally Frontier, an incredibly rare Bally Spectrum, the Classic Stern widebody Freefall, and many more. All restored and dialed in to perfection.


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3 Responses to : Ottawa Pinball ARCADE Re-Opening Video Teaser

  1. Bruce Green said:
  2. Chris Shaver said:
    Great news!
  3. Dave Feldman said:
    See you soon! My little hideaway from the past.

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