Ottawa Pinball Arcade Expansion Completed

The Ottawa Pinball Arcade has just expanded, and is now home to over 30 Pinball Machines, as well as a large
number of Classic Arcade Video Games, both stand up and cocktail table sit down models, all featuring multi game conversions, offering hundreds of games to be played, with all Video Games now priced at two
games for only one Dollar!

We welcome Adults and Children alike, with no need for reservations. Our tournaments will feature unlimited qualifying, and since the Arcade is open every day

Anyone interested can contact us at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade, as we are seeking both Players and Tournament

Aside from this, Pinball Medics has taken up residence in the second section of the expansion, and are now providing over the counter walk in Pinball Parts Sales, their Pinball and Video Game Sales and Trade-in Center, and a variety of specialty services for Pinball owners in Ottawa.

Some of these new services

– Custom LED kit design
service, where we build you
a kit based on your
preference, with extra bulbs
allowing you to experiment
that can be returned for a
full refund once complete.

– Ultrasonic Pinball parts
cleaning with our brand new
massive 30 (Thirty!) liter
ultrasonic cleaner, big enough
to do entire ramps and other
large parts, achieving amazing
results in an hour or less. This
process leaves the parts far
cleaner than days of cleaning
by hand ever could, getting into
every crack and crevice, and
restoring them to like new
cosmetic condition.

– Parts tumbling in Walnut
Media, which can be followed
up with ultrasonic cleaning if

– ROM burning.

– Testing of ribbon cables,
which also benefit greatly from
ultrasonic cleaning, often
restoring them to working order.

– Drop off repairs, where you
bring in your game for a repair
quote, with on the spot repairs
for smaller issues.

In fact, many of these services and more can be performed while you wait, passing time playing Pinball in the Arcade, or grabbing a Beer and Wings at the adjoining Neighbourhood Pub.

We look forward to seeing everyone wishing to relive the 70’s experience in what was only a dream during this
Century until now. A true retail environment where you can see before you buy, and speak to the owner and manager himself, where he can answer any questions you may have, and share our passion for pinball with all.

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