The Ottawa Pinball Arcade
Canada's Classic Pinball & Video Arcade
— 2559 Baseline Road, Ottawa —
The Ottawa Pinball Arcade is now open
Proof of vacination and mask required
Please follow social distancing guidelines

Ottawa Pinball Arcade – 5 Balls per Game on all games. Every Day!


Back in the Golden Era of the Arcade, circa the late 70’s, every quarter counted, and when the games went from 5 balls per game to 3, it was a huge hit to the young Arcade goers in 1980.


It then went to 50 cents per game with Gottlieb’s Classic Black Hole in very short order, and just like taxes, it never got better…


At the Ottawa Pinball Arcade, our vision is firmly rooted in the 70’s tradition of 5 balls per game, even on our more recent games, which are expanding into the 90’s as the great DMD revolution is now becoming part of Canada’s Largest Pinball Arcade! (More to come soon with some amazing new titles)


In 1980, Pinball cost 50 cents for 3 balls, or 16.66 cents per ball.


Pinball in 2018 costs $1.00 for 3 balls almost anywhere, or 33.33 cents per ball.


At the Ottawa Pinball Arcade, Pinball costs $1.00 for 5 balls, or 20 cents per ball, in 2018!


Bear in mind that 50 cents in 1980 would be worth $1.50 right now in 2018, which means we were paying 50 cents per ball in 2018 Dollars, or $1.50 per game for a 3 ball game!


Even more amazing when we consider that many among us were quite young and unemployed, as most kids were even in the dark ages before the dawn of the internet or even cell phones, and it was not an insignificant expense by any means.


Help us keep the spirit of 5 ball per game Pinball alive at the Ottawa Pinball Arcade one game at a time for one shiny piece of Gold with a bird on one side and Her Majesty on the other.

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