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Gorgar – Williams 1979


Mike Remembers: Gorgar was a very popular game that was available to play at many Ottawa locations in 1979, but I remember playing the one at the West end Skateway on Morrison Drive the best.

This game came out at a time when Williams were starting to push the envelope and give Bally a run for their dominance in the world of Pinball Sales and innovation. Gorgar has the distinction of being the first Pinball Machine capable of speech, with a vocabulary of 7 words, used in various combinations to great effect!

It also featured one of the most awesome background sounds ever, a deep thumping heartbeat that speeds up as play progresses.

It is the first use I can think of a playfield magnet, used to temporarily “capture” the ball in the Pit feature, prompting Gorgar to say “ME GOT YOU!”.

This Gorgar has been upgraded with new Bally/Williams Fliptronic style flipper assemblies, LED displays and bulbs with colour matching inserts, rebuilt power supply, MPU and driver board, fuse mods on the bridge rectifiers, and much more.

After a tour of the Arcade, it will be available to purchase through Pinball Medics. But don’t worry, we have two more in stock currently, so the option to slay Demons in Ottawa will still be a reality for some time.

Come experience the first talking Pinball Machine.


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