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Genie – Gottlieb 1979

Mike Remembers: Genie is one of my all time fave games. It was featured beside Circus (also here at the Arcade) at the Mister Arcade at Bank & Alta Vista when it was new. I always considered these “sister” games, but despite their similarities, I have always far preferred the artwork, theme, sounds, and most importantly gameplay of Genie. It has been on my must have list for many years, and this is the first time I have played one that works well since I was 15 years old! The wide body Gottliebs needed a lot of punch to get the ball around the playfield, and this machine features the first use of newer Williams flipper systems in a classic Gottlieb, making this the first Pinball Medics Custom Shop Black Label Gottlieb! Never have I witnessed a massive wide body Gottlieb that played this fast, it is extremely lively, and with an upgraded Pascal MPU, features additional options and depth of gameplay previously unavailable.

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One Response to : Genie – Gottlieb 1979

  1. David Lutka said:
    Have this machine but electronic integrated circuit does not work also have gottlieb panthera with the same problem. Fun to play till they died

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