Foo Fighters Premium Launch Party -Sunday May 28th

The Ottawa Pinball Arcade, home of the newest Pinball Machines in Ottawa, all Premium models, with our own Custom Shop mods! Foo Fighters is the hottest game in the world right now, and for good reason, it rocks!

Qualifying Best Game Play rounds will run from 11:00AM to 4:00PM, with the top 8 finalists finishing on Foo Fighters at 4:30.

Fully IFPA Sanctioned with WPPR Points, this is an Official Insider Connected Stern Launch Party.

Prizes include;

  • 1 Foo Fighters Grand Champion plaque
  • 1 Foo Fighters translite
  • 4 Foo Fighters Pro/Premium/LE laminated brochures.

How it Works;

  1. 1. Register with Mike at the Arcade
  2. 2. Play Single Games on the designated Tournament Games
  3. 3. Unlimited Entries, but no more than 2 games in a row if others are waiting
  4. 4. Play Extra Balls!
  5. 5. Raise your Hand to have your score recorded by a scorekeeper (not needed unless it is your best score on the game played)


Each Player plays at least 4 tournament games one or more times. Their points are based on their best score on each machine, and how it compares to the other player’s scores, with qualifying rankings points based on the PAPA scoring format, as follows;

1st place = 100 points

2nd place = 90 points

3rd place = 85 points

4th place = 84 points

5th place = 83 points



Playoffs will be 4 player games between the top 8 players, with the two top players of each semi-final round advancing to a 4 player game to determine the top 4 positions, all played on Foo Fighters Premium!

The Tournament Bank will feature the following games;

  1. 1. Foo Fighters Premium
  2. 2. Led Zeppelin Premium
  3. 3. RUSH Premium
  4. 4. KISS (Bally)
  5. 5. Rolling Stones (Bally)
  6. 6. Capt. Fantastic (Bally)


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