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Flash – 1979 Williams


Mike Remembers:

The first Flash I played was at the Merivale Arcade near the North West corner of Kirkwood and Merivale. The background sounds were amazing with their constant ever building intensity, and the first use of high powered Flasher bulbs under the playfield that would go off when you completed a bank of drop targets were stunning, accompanied by electronically synthesized thunder. I would bike a long way just to play this game there when it was new, and it still brings back those early memories as soon as I hit the start button. The playfield configuration is very similar to another of my faves here at the Arcade, Skateball by Bally from 1980. I have to assume the layout was “borrowed” by Bally from this hugely successful groundbreaking machine which established Williams as a serious competitor to Bally, and was the first to use what I consider to be some of the coolest pinball sound packages ever which were common to the Williams games produced over the following few years.


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3 Responses to : Flash – 1979 Williams

  1. 10Mile Pin said:
    From west coast Canada. I supplied games to arcades in the golden era. In spite of all the new games Flash was always the most played of all the pins. My wife loved Flash and when I sold the business I unfortunately did not keep a Flash pin. Almost resulted in divorce. After years of nagging I purchased one from Ohio(?)which is now in the entryway of my home. Works great and still the finest pin ever made. Jack
  2. Mike Loftus said:
    That's awesome Jack, I read this in the morning with my girlfriend, and we couldn't believe it as a couple of years ago I sold my Flash, and it was one of her favourites also! I kept hearing about it and finally found this one, and after a good overhaul and LED upgrade, brought it to the Arcade. I'd love to see a picture of yours to feature here on the site, and I'm sure as a distributor in the 70's you'd have a lot of stories to share. I'm actually going to start a page here for people from the industry at that time to share their memories, and would love to hear more from you. Thanks for your post! Mike
  3. Tina Gee said:
    Look out FLASH I 'OWNED' YOU AT CICERO'S PIZZA BANK AND FIFTH TH 1979 could play all day with a quarter Tina Gee

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