The Ottawa Pinball Arcade
Canada's Largest Classic Pinball Arcade
— 2559 Baseline Road, Ottawa —
The Ottawa Pinball Arcade is targeting to re-open the beginning of August, pending the COVID-19 situation at that time.
We will require patrons to wear a mask or face covering, and to follow social distancing guidelines.

Closed during Covid-19 outbreak

For the safety of the elderly and more vulnerable among us, and despite the financial loss we will suffer, we have made the difficult but only responsible decision to close the arcade at this time until the Covid-19 situation has been resolved. The risk of transfer is too high when playing pinball in an arcade, hand to hand transfer, due to the use of the flipper buttons and handling of coins, and the proximity of players in the arcade environment.

This includes the cancellation of our Free Play events for the March Break, and Wednesday nights until further notice.

We will be following the situation closely, and will re-open as soon as the municipal, provincial, and federal health officials deem it safe for people to gather in public once again.

We have seen cases doubling overnight in Ottawa alone as of this writing. Please take all precautions and stay safe during this time, following the advice of the authorities, and helping control this situation for the sake of our parents, grandparents, and those with compromised immune systems and respiratory problems. For more info see HEALTH CANADA ⇒.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope to see you all healthy and safe once we re-open.

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2 Responses to : Closed during Covid-19 outbreak

  1. Chris said:
    Hello, any updates on a re-opening? Thanks!
    • Mike Loftus said:
      We are hoping to be able to open with limited capacity by August, but have no firm date from the Authorities at this time.

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