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Black Knight – Williams 1980

Mike Remembers:

This game was a fixture all over town, but I remember it best at the Wizard arcade in Carlingwood Mall in 1980. Every day after school I would change busses right in front of the arcade and would of course always visit. This game would have a line of quarters halfway up the playfield with a line of kids to match, and at 50 cents a game, it was doing very good business.

Black Knight was a groundbreaking game for a number of reasons. First multi-level playfield, first use of Magna -Save, speech, 3 ball multiball with playfield points multiplier, 4 flippers, 4 sets of timed drop targets, and a great theme, sound, and light package. All that and a cowbell!

This Black Knight had been upgraded with all LED illumination featuring colour matched inserts and a full psychedelic general Illumination treatment, LED displays, newer fliptronic style flipper assemblies, Superband flipper and post rubbers, fully rebuilt pop bumper and target banks, and much more!

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3 Responses to : Black Knight – Williams 1980

  1. Michel Korwin said:
    Definitely, and only pinball I used to play at the Unicenter at Carleton University!
  2. Lori said:
    What was the name of that arcade? I can picture it on the outside of Sears near the main door.
    • Mike Loftus said:
      It was a Wizard Arcade during the early 80's when the stores along the road the buses stopped on had outside doors and were not accessible from inside the mall.

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